Cooperation Requests

The ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry is a non-profit centre for research and cultural activities, which carries out research projects as well as internal and public events.

The ICI Berlin welcomes cooperations and under certain conditions also gives support to projects initiated and developed by cooperation partners.

General Conditions

The ICI Berlin gives support only to projects that fit its profile and take place on its premises during its academic terms.

As a rule, the ICI Berlin offers support only in the form of non-cash benefits, but not by covering, for instance, travel expenses, accommodation costs, or honoraria.

Cooperation Events

The ICI Berlin has several spaces for seminars, workshops, and conferences with up to 120 participants. For events carried out in cooperation with the ICI Berlin, these spaces are available at a preferential rate of 1,300 EUR per day (plus tax, cleaning and, if applicable, a fee for the use of technical equipment). If the event closely relates to the Institute’s research interests, the ICI Berlin can also contribute to these rental expenses. Furthermore, the ICI Berlin usually participates in announcing the event via its website and newsletter, and in the on-site logistic preparation.


We give priority to projects that make a productive contribution to our current core project and focus. Furthermore, we prefer events and formats that

  • have an international and interdisciplinary orientation;
  • are innovative and original;
  • combine academic and cultural or artistic aspects;
  • appeal to a broader, international and interdisciplinary public.

How do you inquire about carrying out events in cooperation with the ICI Berlin?

In order to evaluate your inquiry we would need

  • an informal project description (1-2 pages);
  • a list of the participants;
  • indication on the space and equipment required, on the kind, extent and length of the planned event, and on the way the event will be funded;
  • the projected date for the event, ideally including alternative dates.


We take decisions monthly at the end of each calendar month and need at least three weeks to process applications. Applications completed after the first week of a calendar month will be considered in the subsequent month.

Applications should reach us at least three months before the planned event.

Please send your inquiries to info(at)

Final Notes

The management of the ICI Berlin decides upon requests for cooperation and support at its own discretion, taking into consideration also legal requirements for non-profit organizations as well as the ICI’s financial resources. There is no legal claim to receiving support from the ICI Berlin and no reasons need to be given for the management’s decision.

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