portrait Baldacci

Cristina Baldacci

Fellow 16-18
Art History, Visual Studies, Aesthetics
Visual Errancy: The Wandering Image and Its Multiple Temporalities
portrait Gaillard

Julie Gaillard

Fellow 16-18
Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Literature, Art
Errant Affect, Inhuman Time(s)
portrait Giusti

Francesco Giusti

Fellow 16-18
Literary Theory, Comparative Literature, Medieval Studies, Psychoanalysis, Cultural Studies
From Pre-diction to Post-diction: The Prophetic Constitution of Subjectivity in Dante’s Vita nova
portrait Nay

Yv E. Nay

Fellow 16-18
Gender and Queer Studies, Transgender Studies, Affect Theory, Postcolonial Theory
The Errantry of Affective Activism: Temporal and Affective Paradoxes of Trans* Politics
portrait Nicastro

Clio Nicastro

Fellow 16-18, Affiliated 15-16
Philosophy / Film Theory
Sensing the Other: Empathic Temporalities in Aby Warburg and Donna Haraway
portrait Proctor

Hannah Proctor

Fellow 16-18
Social History, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Medical Humanities
Healing through Explosion: On the Temporal Paradoxes of Radical Psychiatry
portrait Reeve

Daniel Reeve

Fellow 16-18
Literature, Cultural History, History of Science, Music
The Poetics of Circularity in Medieval Europe
portrait Robinson

Benjamin Lewis Robinson

Fellow 16-18
Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Social & Political Theory, Philosophy
States of Need – States of Emergency: The Politics of Poverty in European Literature and Thought, 1789-1933
portrait Sforzini

Arianna Sforzini

Fellow 16-18
Philosophy, Media Archeology, Cultural History
Michel Foucault’s Archive and Its Erratic Temporalities
portrait Taş

Birkan Taş

Fellow 16-18
Cultural Analysis, Disability Studies, Crip Theory, Queer Theory
Cripping Time: Temporal Politics of Disability
portrait Vlachou

Foteini Vlachou

Fellow 17-18
Art History, Theory and Philosophy
What Time for the Periphery?
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