Incoming Fellows

While it is the fellows' responsibility to obtain accommodation and fulfil the formal and legal requirements for staying in Berlin / Germany during their fellowship, we have collected some guidelines that might be helpful for the first steps into Berlin.

In brief: everyone, coming from Germany or abroad, must have an adequate health insurance coverage and register within two weeks upon arrival with his/her new address in Berlin. 

Fellows coming from outside the EU should ensure that they arrive with a valid residence visa and note that it is not possible to use a tourist visa for a longterm stay in Germany. We recommend that fellows requiring a residence permit make an appointment with the foreigners authority a couple of months before they arrive in Germany.

Wherease the ICI Berlin does not provide for accommodation, we collect some tips for incoming fellows from former fellows and individual staff members. We recommend that incoming fellows start looking for accommodation well before the beginning of the fellowship and arrive in Berlin as early as possible to find an accommodation and deal with the required formalities.


Disclaimer: Please note that due to changing regulations we can take no responsibility that our information is accurate and up to date. Please let us know how we can improve our indications.


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