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Desiring Just Economies / Just Economies of Desire

Jun 24-26, 2010

Sexuality is implicit in economic processes: ways of organizing sexuality influence economic processes; conversely, current global economic processes constitute specific sexual identities and practices that collaborate in relations of exploitation, domination, and subjectivation. The conference “Desiring Just Economies / Just Economies of Desire” proposes to focus on the notion of desire as a tool to explore economy’s sexual dimension as much as the economic dimension of sexuality. It recognizes that desire sustains current economies, but also carries the potential for inciting new forms of understanding and doing economy. Drawing on Queer Theory, which maintains that desire can be envisioned beyond heteronormative restrictions, it will address the question of justice. In particular, it will ask whether the pursuit of economic and sexual justice can be made to coincide when economy is queered by desire.

Speakers include Lisa Duggan, Kevin Floyd, Ratna Kapur, Irene Leon, Desiree Lewis, Anne McClintock


Nikita Dhawan (Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies [FRCPS], Excellence Cluster “Formation of Normative Orders” Goethe-University Frankfurt)
Antke Engel (Institute for Queer Theory, Berlin/Hamburg)
Christoph Holzhey (ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry)
Volker Woltersdorff (SFB “Cultures of the Performative”, FU Berlin)

Date: 24-26 June 2010

Location: ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry


For further details, please see http://desiring-just-economies.de/

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