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Sergio Benvenuto: Masochism

Oct 12, 11:30-13:30, 2010

Textual Basis: "Freud and Masochism", JEP 25.2 (2007), pp. 57-80

Further Reading: Chapter Masochismus und Sadismus from Perversionen: Sexualität, Ethik und Psychoanalyse (Vienna: Turia+Kant, 2010)

Sergio Benvenuto is a researcher for the C.N.R. (Italian Council for Scientific Research) at the Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies in Rome (ISTC). Since 1995 he has been editor-in-chief of the semi-annual Journal of European Psychoanalysis, published in Rome and New York, and also on-line (www.psychomedia.it/jep). Since 1998 he is co-editor of the Internet journal PSYCHOMEDIA. Since 2004 he has been member of the Editorial Board of the Brazilian monthly Pulsional (Sao Paulo). Since 2003 he has been the Italian Member of the Institut Européen d’Hautes Etudes en Psychanalyse, an interdisciplinary institution founded in Paris and including scholars of different European countries. His major scientific contributions are in the fields of social psychology, psychoanalytic theory and the philosophy of social sciences.
He is currently carrying out two research projects for CNR: 
the search for a theory of the production of rumors and gossip, 
(2) on a theory of cultural fashions.

Further details on his homepage.

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