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Thinking Through Tragedy and Comedy

Performance Philosophy and the Future of Genre

Dec 4-5, 2014

Day One


Day Two


How do performance and philosophy encounter one another? Where do thinking and performing overlap? These are fundamental questions that are currently stimulating the ideas of philosophers, theatre and literature scholar and performers alike. Our international symposium offered a forum for this cross-disciplinary debate by focusing on tragedy and comedy as exemplary sites on which the tensions between theatre, philosophy and performance are played out. Genre studies returns as a foil with which to reframe the discursive cultures that performance and philosophy offer. We seeked to trace the future of genre in its philosophical and performative dimension. Our goal was to think the productive clash between generic structure and performative flow.

For further information, a full list of participants, and the complete programme, please visit: www.tragedycomedy.com.

Simon Critchley, Hans Jonas Professor of Philosophy, New School of Social Research, New York
Erika Fischer-Lichte, Professor Emeritus of Theatre and Performance Studies, Free University Berlin
Hans-Thies Lehmann, Professor Emeritus of Theatre Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Russell Ford, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Elmhurst College
Rupert Glasgow, Independent Scholar
Joachim Küpper, Professor of Comparative Literature at the Free University Berlin and Director of the Dahlem Humanities Center
John Morreall, Professor of Religious Studies, College of William & Mary
Nikolaus Müller-Schöll, Professor for Theatre and Performance Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
Freddie Rokem, Professor of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University
Jennifer Wallace, Harris Fellow, English Department, Cambridge University
Stephen Wilmer, Professor Emeritus and former Head of the School of Drama at Trinity College Dublin

And twenty distinguished seminar presenters from around the world.

Time: 4-5 December 2014
Venue: ICI Berlin
In English

Organized by Ramona Mosse, Anna Street, and Maïté Marciano, founding members of the Performance Philosophy Working Group "Tragedy and Comedy: Genres of Dramatic Thought", in cooperation with the Dahlem Humanities Center and the ICI Berlin with support of the Center for International Cooperation at the Free University Berlin.

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