Affiliated Fellows

portrait Barotsi

Rosa Barotsi

Affiliated Fellow 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Film Theory / Cultural Studies / Politics
Errant Visions: Slow Cinema and the Failures of Efficiency
portrait Dirgantoro

Wulan Dirgantoro

Visiting Fellow 16-17
Art History
Memory and the Avant Garde: Exploring Trauma in Indonesian Conceptual Art Practices, 1970s – 1980s.
portrait El-Houri

Walid El-Houri

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Cultural Studies / Urban Studies / Middle East Studies / Political Philosophy
The meaning of protest: spatial practices and tactics of erring in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria
portrait Grilli

Alessandro Grilli

Affiiliated 16-17
Comparative Literature, Queer Studies, Cultural Studies, Discourse Analysis
Misfits. Dorks, Losers, Eccentrics in Literature and Beyond
portrait Karaca

Banu Karaca

Affiliated 16-17, Visiting Fellow 15-16
Lost, Not Found? Missing Provenance, Lost Works, and the Writing of Art History in Turkey
portrait Kirn

Gal Kirn

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 10-12
Political Science / Cultural Analysis / Philosophy
How to Rethink Sub/Urban Riots: Failure or Dissent of Democracy?
portrait Majewska

Ewa Majewska

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Social Philosophy / Decolonial Feminist Studies
Weak Resistance and its Implications for the Arts
portrait Masnatta

Clara Masnatta

(Argentina / Italy)
Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Photography / Aesthetic Theory / Comparative Literature
Chromatic Canon: The Erring Colors of Photography
portrait Nioche-Sibony

Claire Nioche-Sibony

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Philosophy / Psychoanalysis / Literature / Aesthetics
Wandering: an ambiguous lifeline. Between inventiveness and destructivity
portrait Olivares

Lissette T. Olivares

Affiliated 16-17 (Term I), Fellow 08-09 (Term III)
Feminist Posthumanisms, Transmedia, Environmental Humanities, Critical Animal Studies
Decolonial Errans
portrait Orosz

Marton Orosz

Visiting Fellow 16-17
Art History
Visual Studies in the Cybernetic Age – Human Solidarity and Engineered Civilization in Gyorgy Kepes’ Socially-Oriented Media Art Practice
portrait Preser

Ruth Preser

Affiliated 16-17 (Term I), 15-16 (Term I-II), 14-15, Fellow 13-14
Queer Studies / Cultural Studies / Rhetoric / Narratology
Belonging Travels
portrait Rehberg

Peter Rehberg

Affilated 16-17
Queer Theory, Gender Studies, Media Studies, Postcolonial Studies
portrait Wünsch

Michaela Wünsch

Affiliated 15-17, Fellow 08-10
Cultural Studies / Psychoanalysis / Media Philosophy / Queer and Critical Race Studies
Science and Psychoanalysis: Entropy from Freud to Lacan
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