Former Fellows


Al-Hardan, Anaheed (Palestine) Sociology / Memory Studies / Social History
Araya, Kinga (Poland/Canada) Studio Art / Critical Theory
Arnaud, Sabine (France) History of Medicine / Philosophy of Science / History of Knowledge
Avramopoulou, Eirini (Greece) Social Anthropology / Gender and Queer Studies
Barber, Daniel Colucciello (USA) Religious Studies / Cultural Studies / Philosophy
Bargetz, Brigitte (Austria) Theories of the Political / Queer-Feminist Theory / Affect Theory
Benedicto, Bobby (Philippines) Cultural Studies / Queer Studies / Postcolonial Studies / Urban Studies
Besana, Bruno (Italy) Philosophy
Bitsch, Annette (Germany) Kulturwissenschaft / Medienwissenschaft / Psychoanalyse
Brilmyer, S. Pearl (USA) Comparative Literature / History of Science and Philosophy
Bulut, Zeynep (Turkey) Music / Sound Studies / Psychoanalysis / Philosophy
Burton, James (UK) Cultural Studies / Philosophy / Literature / Media Studies
Camilletti, Fabio A. (Italy) Literature / Art History / Psychoanalysis
Casalino, Silvia (Italy) Space Engineerin / Cultural Studies / Film
Castore, Antonio (Italy) Comparative Literature / Literary Theory / German Literature / Literature and Architecture
Cha, Kyung-Ho (Germany) (German) Literature and Science
Coelen, Marcus (Germany) Psychoanalysis / Comparative Literature and Romance Philology / Critical Theory
Congedo, Mimma (Italy) Philosophy / Indology
Dal Bo, Federico (Italy) Jewish Studies / Philosophy /Law / Gender Studies
Dawson, Benjamin (UK) Literature / Cultural History / Philosophy of Science
De Abreu, Maria José (Netherlands / Portugal) Cultural Anthropology / Literature / Media Studies / Political Economy
De Cesari, Chiara (Italy) Cultural Anthropology / Heritage Studies / Archaeology / Middle East Studies
de Joya, Preciosa Regina (Philippines) Philosophy / History / Anthropology
Diehl, Catharine (USA) Philosophy / Aesthetics / Literature
Dietze, Gabriele (Germany) Germanic Language / American- Gender and Cultural Studies
Doll, Martin (Germany) Media Studies / Kulturwissenschaften
Engel, Antke (Germany) Philosophy / Feminist and Queer Theory
Evans, Amy (USA) Theatre / Performance Writing
Frazzetto, Giovanni (Italy) Social and Cultural Studies of Neuroscience
Fuhrmann, Arnika Asian Studies / Cultural Studies / Gender Studies
Gaderer, Rupert (Austria) German Literature / Media Studies / Kulturwissenschaft
Gavin, Alice (UK) Literature / Film / Philosophy / Linguistics / Spatial Theory
Gillot, Pascale (France) Philosophy
Heintzman, Kit (Canada) Trans* theory / Porn Studies / Critical Race Theory
Hentschel, Christine (Germany) Urban Studies / Postcolonial and Social Theory
Hinton, Peta (Australia) Sociology / Women's and Gender Studies
Kilomba, Grada (São Tomé e Príncipe / Portugal) Literature / African Studies / Psychoanalysis
Kirn, Gal (Slovenia) Political Science / Cultural Analysis / Philosophy
Kishik, David Philosophy
Mascat, Jamila (Italy) Philosophy, Postcolonial Studies, Literature
Mernagh, Siouxzi L (Australia) Film (Experimental Narrative) / Literature / Experimental Writing / Installation
Meunier, Robert (Germany) History and Philosophy of the Life-Sciences
Mount, Beau Madison (USA) Philosophy
Naficy, Nahal (Iran) Anthropology, Creative Writing
Olivares, Lissette T. (USA) Feminist Posthumanisms, Transmedia, Environmental Humanities, Critical Animal Studies
Osnaghi, Stefano (Italy) Epistemology / Philosophy of Physics
Preser, Ruth (Israel/Palestine) Queer Studies / Cultural Studies / Rhetoric / Narratology
Pupovac, Ozren (Croatia) Philosophy / Social Theory
Redfield, James Adam (USA) Anthropology of Religion, Talmud, Jewish ethics; Comparative scholasticism, Philology, Zen Buddhism, Buddhism in the U.S.
Sanos, Sandrine (France) (Cultural & Intellectual) History, Literary Theory & Literature, Cultural Studies
Schuster, Aaron (USA) Philosophy
Taler, Laura Sophia (Canada) Film, Dance
Terrier, Jean (Switzerland) Social and Political Theory, History of Thought
Trentin, Filippo (Italy) Italian Studies / Comparative Literature / Queer Theory / Cultural History
von Kameke, Andrea (Germany) Media Studies, Gender/Queer Studies
Waxman, Tobaron (Canada) Performance, Video, Installation, Sound
Wünsch, Michaela (Germany) Cultural Studies / Psychoanalysis / Media Philosophy / Queer and Critical Race Studies
Wedemeyer, Arnd German Studies / Theater Studies / Intellectual History / Critical Theory
Woltersdorff, Volker (Germany) Queer Theory / Cultural Studies / Gender Studies / Philosophy / Literature
Xiang, Zairong (China) Gender Studies / Feminist/Queer Theories / Decolonial Theories / History of Medicine / Philosophy

Other Former Fellows

Abdur-Rahman, Aliyyah I. (U.S.A.) English, African and Afro-American & Women's, Gender, and Sexuality
Akhtar, Saima (U.S.A.) Art History
Amit Abas, Hila (Israel) Queer Theory / Migration and Diaspora Studies
Azzam, Abed Philosophy / Religious Studies / Cultural Studies / Middle Eastern Studies
Balaram , Rakhee (India, United States, France) Art History / French Literature
Dinkar, Niharika (India) Art History
Ferrara, Beatrice (Italy) Cultural Studies / Postcolonial Studies / Media Theory
Gupta, Atreyee (India) Art History
Hoff, Shannon (Canada) Hegel, Political Philosophy, 20th-Century Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy
Jagose, Annamarie (Australia) Queer Theory / Feminist Theory / Cultural Studies
Lentin, Alana (Ireland) Social Theory, Visual Sociology
Liu, Petrus (USA) German Literature, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages
Love, Heather (USA) Gender Studies / Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture
Mazzini, Silvia (Italy) Aesthetics, Dramaturgy, Political Philosophy
Moshaver, Maryam (Iran) Music Theory
Pianzola, Federico Narratology / Rhetoric / Literature / Complexity Science
Puar, Jasbir (USA) Women’s and Gender Studies, American Studies
Ray, Sugata (India) Art History
Reynaud, Valentine (France) Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Physics
Scholz, Trebor (USA/Germany) Culture and Media
von Bieberstein, Alice (Germany) Social Anthropology
von Mücke, Dorothea (USA/Germany) German Literature
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