portrait Al-Hardan

Anaheed Al-Hardan

Affiliated 13-14 (Term I), Fellow 11-13
Sociology / Memory Studies / Social History
Memories of Palestine: The Nakba and the Palestinian Refugees in Syria
portrait Benedicto

Bobby Benedicto

Fellow 11-13
Cultural Studies / Queer Studies / Postcolonial Studies / Urban Studies
Bright Lights, Gay Globality: Queer World-making in Metropolitan Manila
portrait Bulut

Zeynep Bulut

Fellow 11-13
Music / Sound Studies / Psychoanalysis / Philosophy
Skin-Voice: Contemporary Music Between Speech and Language
portrait Kishik

David Kishik

Fellow 11-13
Sheer Life: A Theory of New York (To Imagine a Form of Life, III)
portrait Sanos

Sandrine Sanos

Fellow 11-12
(Cultural & Intellectual) History, Literary Theory & Literature, Cultural Studies
Ambivalent Homes, Multiple Attachments: Displacement, Citizenship, and Gender in France, 1930-1965.
portrait Woltersdorff

Volker Woltersdorff

Affiliated 13-15, Fellow 11-13
Queer Theory / Cultural Studies / Gender Studies / Philosophy / Literature
Paradoxical Pleasures and the Desire to Have it All: Toward a Queer Dialectics
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