portrait Avramopoulou

Eirini Avramopoulou

Fellow 13-14
Social Anthropology / Gender and Queer Studies
The Agony of Stasis: A Study of the Affects of Activism in Istanbul, Turkey
portrait Barber

Daniel Colucciello Barber

Affiliated 16-17 (Term I-II), 15-16 (Term I), 14-15, Fellow 12-14
Religious Studies / Cultural Studies / Philosophy
Literality, Vertigo: Experiments Without Conversion
portrait Coelen

Marcus Coelen

Affiliated 14-16, Fellow 13-14
Psychoanalysis / Comparative Literature and Romance Philology / Critical Theory
Writing Psychoanalysis and Philology
portrait Gavin

Alice Gavin

Fellow 12-14
Literature / Film / Philosophy / Linguistics / Spatial Theory
Complementary Dispositions: Being Free Indirect in Literature and Film
portrait Hinton

Peta Hinton

Affiliated 14-16, Fellow 13-14
Sociology / Women's and Gender Studies
A Sociality of Death: Affirmative Futures and New Materialist Approaches to “Life Itself”
portrait Mascat

Jamila Mascat

Fellow 13-14
Philosophy, Postcolonial Studies, Literature
Adventures of the Totality. Between Hegel and His Posterity
portrait Meunier

Robert Meunier

Fellow 12-14
History and Philosophy of the Life-Sciences
The Historical Dynamics of Plurality in the Life Sciences - Perspectives of Practice and the Parts and Properties of Organisms
portrait Naficy

Nahal Naficy

Fellow 12-14
Anthropology, Creative Writing
Persian Miniatures as Figures of a Whole: Ethnographic Reflections on Iranian-ness Inside and Outside Iran
portrait Osnaghi

Stefano Osnaghi

Affiliated 14-16, Fellow 12-14
Epistemology / Philosophy of Physics
Bohr's Semantic Holism and Its Paradoxes
portrait Preser

Ruth Preser

Affiliated 16-17 (Term I), 15-16 (Term I-II), 14-15, Fellow 13-14
Queer Studies / Cultural Studies / Rhetoric / Narratology
Belonging Travels
portrait Trentin

Filippo Trentin

Affiliated 14-15, Fellow 13-14
Italian Studies / Comparative Literature / Queer Theory / Cultural History
Archaeologies of the Negative in 1970s Italy
portrait Wedemeyer

Arnd Wedemeyer

German Studies / Theater Studies / Intellectual History / Critical Theory
1977 in Two Germanies: A Counter-History of the Non-Event
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