portrait Barotsi

Rosa Barotsi

Affiliated Fellow 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Film Theory / Cultural Studies / Politics
Errant Visions: Slow Cinema and the Failures of Efficiency
portrait Brilmyer

S. Pearl Brilmyer

Fellow 14-16 (on leave in 15-16 Term I and II)
Comparative Literature / History of Science and Philosophy
The Intimate Pulse of Reality: Sciences of Character in Fiction and Philosophy, 1870-1920
portrait Burton

James Burton

Fellow 14-16
Cultural Studies / Philosophy / Literature / Media Studies
The Animation of Error
portrait Castore

Antonio Castore

Fellow 14-16
Comparative Literature / Literary Theory / German Literature / Literature and Architecture
Impossible Structure(s). Incompleteness, Failure and Error in The Construction of The Work
portrait Dal Bo

Federico Dal Bo

Fellow 14-16
Jewish Studies / Philosophy /Law / Gender Studies
The Sacrifice of Isaac as Exodus from Law
portrait De Abreu

Maria José De Abreu

(Netherlands / Portugal)
Fellow 14-16
Cultural Anthropology / Literature / Media Studies / Political Economy
Horizonless: Ethnographies of Lived Impasse Among Portuguese Youth
portrait de Joya

Preciosa Regina de Joya

Fellow 14-16
Philosophy / History / Anthropology
The Other Senses of Philosophy
portrait El-Houri

Walid El-Houri

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Cultural Studies / Urban Studies / Middle East Studies / Political Philosophy
The meaning of protest: spatial practices and tactics of erring in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria
portrait Majewska

Ewa Majewska

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Social Philosophy / Decolonial Feminist Studies
Weak Resistance and its Implications for the Arts
portrait Masnatta

Clara Masnatta

(Argentina / Italy)
Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Photography / Aesthetic Theory / Comparative Literature
Chromatic Canon: The Erring Colors of Photography
portrait Nioche-Sibony

Claire Nioche-Sibony

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 14-16
Philosophy / Psychoanalysis / Literature / Aesthetics
Wandering: an ambiguous lifeline. Between inventiveness and destructivity
portrait Xiang

Zairong Xiang

Fellow 14-16
Gender Studies / Feminist/Queer Theories / Decolonial Theories / History of Medicine / Philosophy
The Ecological/Queer Penis: A Decolonial Reading of I-Ching’s Body-of-Orifices
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