portrait Arnaud

Sabine Arnaud

Visiting Fellow 09-10 (Term I), Fellow 08-09
History of Medicine / Philosophy of Science / History of Knowledge
Narratives and Politics of a Diagnosis: The Construction and Circulation of the Category of Hysteria in France and England 1730-1820
portrait Casalino

Silvia Casalino

Fellow 08-09 (Term II/III)
Space Engineerin / Cultural Studies / Film
Mercury 13 - Woman in space program
portrait Engel

Antke Engel

Visiting Fellow 09-10 (Term I), Fellow 07-09
Philosophy / Feminist and Queer Theory
Queer/ing Neoliberalism? Images of Sexuality and Economy
portrait Mernagh

Siouxzi L Mernagh

Affiliated 13-15, Fellow 08-09 (Term I-II)
Film (Experimental Narrative) / Literature / Experimental Writing / Installation
'In the dark, dark room'
portrait Olivares

Lissette T. Olivares

Affiliated 16-17 (Term I), Fellow 08-09 (Term III)
Feminist Posthumanisms, Transmedia, Environmental Humanities, Critical Animal Studies
Decolonial Errans
portrait Taler

Laura Sophia Taler

Visiting Fellow 08-09 (Term II/III), Fellow 08-09 (Term I)
Film, Dance
portrait Terrier

Jean Terrier

Visting Fellow 07-08, Fellow 08-09
Social and Political Theory, History of Thought
By some strange resistance in itself. Cultural diversity and the contemporary nation-state
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