portrait Besana

Bruno Besana

Affiliated 12-14, Fellow 08-10
Deleuze's reading of Greek Stoicism, 'The shape of a subject to come’, Versus Laboratory
portrait Camilletti

Fabio A. Camilletti

Fellow 08-10
Literature / Art History / Psychoanalysis
The Visual Uncanny. Stendhal Syndrome as a Tension
portrait De Cesari

Chiara De Cesari

Fellow 09-10 (Term III)
Cultural Anthropology / Heritage Studies / Archaeology / Middle East Studies
Heritage Beyond the Nation-State: Palestine and the Politics of Culture
portrait Doll

Martin Doll

Fellow 08-10
Media Studies / Kulturwissenschaften
Medien der Gemeinschaft
portrait Evans

Amy Evans

Fellow 09-10 (Term I/II)
Theatre / Performance Writing
Mining Tension, Forging Emotional Truth: Performing the Legacy of Oury Jalloh
portrait Fuhrmann

Arnika Fuhrmann

Fellow 09-10
Asian Studies / Cultural Studies / Gender Studies
Tropical Malady: History, Minoritization, and the Thai Feminist and Queer Avantgarde
portrait Gaderer

Rupert Gaderer

Visiting Fellow 09-10, Fellow 08-10
German Literature / Media Studies / Kulturwissenschaft
The Science of Electricity: Cultures of Tension in Natural Science, Philosophy, and Literature, 1744-1826
portrait Kilomba

Grada Kilomba

(São Tomé e Príncipe / Portugal)
Fellow 09-10
Literature / African Studies / Psychoanalysis
KALUNGA - The African Triangle
portrait Pupovac

Ozren Pupovac

Affiliated 12-14, Fellow 08-10
Philosophy / Social Theory
Concept versus Consciousness: The Dilemma of 20th Century French Philosophy; Versus Laboratory
portrait von Kameke

Andrea von Kameke

Fellow 08-10
Media Studies, Gender/Queer Studies
Zwischen Schein und Spiel - Busby Berkeleys bewegte Bilder (Working Title)

Tobaron Waxman

Fellow 09-10 (Term III)
Performance, Video, Installation, Sound
Mechitza 7.1
portrait Wünsch

Michaela Wünsch

Affiliated 15-17, Fellow 08-10
Cultural Studies / Psychoanalysis / Media Philosophy / Queer and Critical Race Studies
Science and Psychoanalysis: Entropy from Freud to Lacan
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