portrait Bargetz

Brigitte Bargetz

Affiliated 12-13, Fellow 11-12, Visiting 10-11
Theories of the Political / Queer-Feminist Theory / Affect Theory
The distribution of emotions
portrait Dawson

Benjamin Dawson

Affiliated 12-14, Fellow 10-12
Literature / Cultural History / Philosophy of Science
Cognition/Volition: Two Figures of the Human in the Age of Experimental Systems
portrait Heintzman

Kit Heintzman

Fellow 10-12
Trans* theory / Porn Studies / Critical Race Theory
Hermeneutics of Labile Bodies: Implications of Queer and Critical Race Epistemologies
portrait Kirn

Gal Kirn

Affiliated 16-17, Fellow 10-12
Political Science / Cultural Analysis / Philosophy
How to Rethink Sub/Urban Riots: Failure or Dissent of Democracy?
portrait Mount

Beau Madison Mount

Fellow 10-12
Language, Perspective, Formalism: The Philosophy of Mathematics in an Interdisciplinary Context
portrait Schuster

Aaron Schuster

Affiliated 12-14, Fellow 10-12
Disadaption in Deleuze, Lacan and Sartre
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