Oct 1, 07

Inaugural Core Project Tension/Spannung Begins. Arrival of First Fellows

May 23, 07

Spannungsübung 1: Boris Groys - Vittorio Hösle.

First Public Event, in co-operation with the HfG Karlsruhe, in Karlsruhe

Feb 07

Fellowship announcement for the inaugural core project Tension/Spannung

Nov 06

Legal foundation and registration of the Institute

Sep 30, 06

Inauguration of the Building

Inauguration pic

May 05

Beginning of construction after almost a year of planning.
Conception of spaces: Christoph Holzhey / ICI Berlin.
Architect: Andreas Stellwag / Multiplan.

Aug 04

Decision to rent spaces within the Pfefferberg, a nineteenth century industrial complex on the border of Prenzlauer Berg and Berlin-Mitte


Decision to found the institute / Search for a location

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