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The purpose of the ICI Library is to assist the ICI Staff and Fellows in their research with customized services. The library collection is focused on materials related to the ICI Core Project and ICI Events, the latter of which are recorded and made available on DVD in the ICI Edition. The collection of research literature concentrates on key works from Contemporary Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Gender and Queer Studies, Cultural Science and Literary Studies, the Anthropology of Art, Cultural Anthropology, Postcolonial Theory and the History of Science. This profile follows the development of the ICI Berlin. The ICI Library is conceived as a hybrid between a traditional book collection and a special virtual library. In addition to its own holdings, it relies on the resources of other libraries and institutions. 

The collection is on our Online Catalogue.


Information for Visitors


The media and the services of the ICI Library are primarily designed for researchers of the ICI Berlin. Guests are nevertheless very welcome to use our collection on site, including the event recordings of the ICI Edition. Visitors are kindly requested to contact Corinna Haas via phone (+49(0)30 473 7291 26) or E-mail prior to their visit and to bring an identity card. Copies and scans in a small scale will be made upon request by the library staff (€ 0,10/page), larger amount of copies can be made off-site in exchange for a deposit.


Service Hours


The ICI Staff as well as ICI Fellows have access to the library at all times. The library staff is present and ready to assist you on:

  • Mon, Tues 9 am - 3 pm
  • Wed, Thurs 9 am - 5 pm






Corinna Haas (Academic Librarian)

John MacLean (Library Assistant) and

Dana Akrish (Library Assistant)

Tel.: +49 30 47 37 291-26

Tel.: +49 30 47 37 291-29




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