People & Partners


The ICI keeps a small administrative staff, reserving resources for its fellows and activities.

Associate Members

The international and interdisciplinary group of associate members play an active and important role for the ICI Berlin. Both individually and collectively, they form an independent, supportive board for the Institute's leadership, offering their advice, expertise, and experience on all critical matters regarding the profile, operation, and development of the ICI Berlin as an independent research institution. In particular, they help the ICI Berlin in conceiving its core projects, selecting fellows, and evaluating possibilities of cooperation.


Each year, the ICI Berlin invites an international and multidisciplinary group of fellows to link their individual projects to the ICI Core Project and to engage in a joint exploration with other fellows at the institute.

ICI Fellowships are usually advertised once a year for a particular core project. As stated in the fellowship guidelines, applications can only be considered when received during the application period.

The ICI Berlin also offers non-stipendiary Affiliation Fellowships, which include a limited use of the ICI’s facilities and services. They are intended mostly for recent ICI Alumni but are also open to other individuals with projects related to the ICI’s current research focus.

Former Fellows

The ICI Berlin encourages former fellows to keep involved in its activities and stay connected. Former fellows are free to continue using their profiles and keep them updated. In addition to a list of all former fellows, we maintain lists of alumni grouped by the academic year in which they were last stipendiary fellows: alumni -16, -14, -13, -12, -11, -10, -09, -08 


For many events and some research projects, the ICI Berlin co-operates with other partners.

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