portrait Dietze

Gabriele Dietze

Fellow 07-08

Germanic Language / American- Gender and Cultural Studies

Gleditschstrasse 70
10781 berlin

ICI Project (2007-08)

Critical Occidentalism

The notion ‘Critical Occidentalism’ is meant as a paradigm for self-reflective European political thinking. Subsequent to other self-critical shifts in hegemonic concepts, such as masculinity theory, critical whiteness studies or queer studies, ‘Critical Occidentalism’ focuses on new frontiers of power difference, engendered by the structural paradigm shift in European nation states after the cold war from the binary East/West or Capitalism/Socialism to a Schism Orient/Occident. The project is focussed on Germany regarding itself as monocultural, now changing into transnational and polycultural immigration society. The now considerable large Muslim diasporas is met by some kind of Neo-Orientalism (differing from Saids colonial Orientalism) concentrating on an allegedly fundamentalist and oriental patriarchal ‘Other’. The subjects of the investigation will be media- and cultural discourses and rhetorics on 'integration', migration and gender-realtions and the tension between the production of 'occidentalist Leitkultur' amd strategies of negotiation and resignification with the German monocultural mainstream on part of the orientalized 'Other'.



Columbia University (USA): Max Kade Guestprofessor, fall 2009

Humboldt Universität: Research Project ‘Urban Madness’, 2009-2012

University Klagenfurt (AU): Guestprofessor for Media Studies, spring 2009

University of Virginia (USA): Max Kade Guestprofessor, fall 2008

University Salzburg (AU): Guestprofessor Gender-Germanic Studies, spring 2008

Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI): Senior Research Fellow, 2007/08

University Klagenfurt (AU): Guestprofessor for Gender Studies, fall 2007/08

University Graz (AU): Aigner Rollet Professor Gender+American St., spring 2007

Humboldt-Berlin: Guest-Professor Kulturwissenschaft 2006-2007

Humboldt-Berlin: Associate Member Graduate Collegium (Funded Institution for Young Researchers) ‘Geschlecht als Wissenskategorie’ (Gender as a Category of Knowledge) Advisor five Dissertations Projects since 2004

University of Chicago (USA): Robert Bosch Visiting Professor Germanic St., winter 2004

HU Berlin: Assistant Professor American Studies, Gender Studies, Institute for Anglistik und Amerianistik 1999 to 2006

Bertelsmann Foundation: Courses for professional authors of mystery novels, since 2000

FU Berlin: Teaching appointments at the Freie Universität Berlin, 1996-1997

Rotbuch Verlag: Chief Editor Contemporary Literature, 1980-1991

Rotbuch Verlag: Editor, Mystery Series „Rotbuch Krimi“, 1987 - 2001

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