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Under the Spell of Corpses

(Jan 2010-Feb 2010)

If tension is produced by intertwined opposite drives then corpses undoubtedly represent objects engendering great tension. They both horrify and draw us under their peculiar spell. A series of events in the first couple of months of 2010 will investigate from an intercultural perspective the specific tensions connected to the corpse in contemporary art. In order to underline the thematic relatedness of the events, we have assembled these events under the title “Under the Spell of Corpses.”

The series begins on 23 January with "Demian Schopf. From Antropofagia Cultural to Postmodern Neobaroque", an evening that includes the opening of the exhibition of the Chilean artist Demian Schopf, which will be on view in the ICI Library from 23 January 2010 until 19 February 2010, as well as talks by the artist and the exhibtion's curators, Elena Agudio and Paz Guevara.

Sigrid Schade and Arnika Fuhrmann, two scholars in cultural studies, will present and discuss two artistic and feminist approaches to (dead) female bodies on 28 January. Schade speaks about the artist Birgit Jürgenssen and Fuhrmann about the work of Thai artist Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook.

On 9 February, Katharina Sykora will present her recent book “Die Tode der Fotografie” and discuss it with Gertrud Koch and Thomas Macho.

A finissage on 19 February will end the series. Guilherme Bueno, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro, will present a lecture on the topic of the thematic cluster. 


Location: ICI Berlin

Time: 23 January - 19 February 2010

Concept: Luca Di Blasi

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