Colloquium with Slavoj Zizek

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Slavoj Žižek - Selection | 03:16

Colloquium ICI Berlin

Slavoj Žižek - ICI Colloquium

Death Drive and Nirvana Principle: Tension/Release

Mar 2009

Textual Basis: The Parallax View, Chapter 1 and 4.

After the internal colloquium, Slavoj Žižek gave a public lecture on 'Why Todestrieb is a Philosophical Concept'

Slavoj Žižek is Professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has gained wide recognition with his characteristic combination of high and low, of Lacanian theory, pop cultural issues and Post-Marxism. He has published a high number of books, edited several collections, and published numerous philosophical and political articles.


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