Guilherme Bueno: Missed Bodies

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Art Event/Lecture ICI Berlin

Guilherme Bueno: Missed Bodies

Feb 2010

To mark the finissage of the Schopf Exhibition, curated by Elena Agudio and Paz Guevara, we have invited the art historian Guilherme Bueno. In his lecture with the title "Missed Bodies" Guilherme Bueno will talk about the meaning of the body in modern Brazilian culture and analyse some works of contemporary Brazilian art from the late 60' and early 70' (e.g. Cildo Meireles, Arthur Barrio, Antonio Manuel and Carlos Zilio) in which the image of death is present.

Guilherme Bueno, PhD in Art History, is currently Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in NiterĂ³i (Rio de Janeiro) and professor of Brazilian Art History at the School of Visual Arts - Parque Lage (Rio de Janeiro).

Time: 19 February 2010, 19:30

Location: ICI Berlin

In English

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